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The Welcome Service Tirol is the first point of contact for Tyrolean companies and universities and their international, highly qualified employees.

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Survival guide

The Tyrol’s turbulent history, its alpine location and diverse academic institutions have shaped the Tyroleans and made them what they are today: straightforward and rooted in their homeland, but at the same time cosmopolitan, dynamic and innovative.

But what really makes them tick, these Tyroleans? What gets them moving, and where do they unwind? On the following pages we would like to explain a few Tyrolean characteristics and provide some tips on how to approach the Tyrolean way of life.

This Survival Guide will also benefit from your experiences as a neo-Tyrolean! It is very much work in progress, and we look forward to hearing about your experiences in your dealings with Tyroleans, which we will be happy to incorporate in the guide!

Sie or du

First of all, there are no official rules in the Tyrol for using the personal “du” or the polite “Sie” forms of address. The question of which is...

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Acadamic titles

To this day, academic and job titles are considered part of the name in Austria, even if they are not legally recognised as such, and academic titles...

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Food and drink

Regionality, freshness and quality are typical and important for the Tyrolean food

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Tyroleans in the mountains

Close to nature, active and with an amazing view - unique Tyrol!

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Twenty insider tips

Some secrets you should know about the Tyrol and where you absolutely have to go!

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