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Immigration of third country nationals

Various legal options have been created for third-country nationals who wish to move to Austria to live and work here.

If a third-country national plans to live in Austria for less than six months, he or she usually needs a visa (different visa categories are available). However, if the planned stay exceeds the period of six months, usually a residence title („Aufenthaltstitel“) is required. Depending on the legal basis of residence, a separate formal authorization may be necessary to take up employment.

Third-country nationals who are family members of EU citizens do not require a residence title if the relevant requirements are met. However, this must always be checked on an individual basis.

The choice of the appropriate residence title depends on whether one wants to live and/or work in Austria on a temporary or long-term basis. Furthermore, it depends on the person for whom the residence title is to be applied for. For example, a skilled worker who is going to work in a company in Tyrol may be subject to a different residence title than his family members who are moving with him.

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