Welcome Service Tirol

The Welcome Service Tirol is the first point of contact for Tyrolean companies and universities and their international, highly qualified employees.

© Tirol Werbung, Foto: Schwarz Jens

Life in Tyrol

Home is not a place, but a feeling.

Many prerequisites must be fulfilled in order to feel really at home in a new country and to want to stay. 

Together with our network, Welcome Service Tyrol is not only ready to provide support when it comes to fulfilling organisational and legal necessities (please note that we do not offer legal advice ourselves, but are happy to help find the right legal support on request), but also know exactly how important it is for people to feel truly welcome and supported.

We are therefore also happy to help with everyday questions. Whether it's active support in finding childcare or a doctor, or if someone wants a personal tip from us for their leisure activities - we see ourselves as buddies for the newcomers, who are always happy to be there for them exactly where they need it. We also attach great importance to organising attractive and high-quality events on a regular basis - these offer the newcomers the opportunity to meet new people and get interesting information in a relaxed atmosphere.

At the same time, they experience how welcome they are and how beautiful and diverse their new place of residence Tyrol is!