Welcome Service Tirol

The Welcome Service Tirol is the first point of contact for Tyrolean companies and universities and their international, highly qualified employees.

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For employees

Are you planning to move your center of life to Tyrol for a longer period of time or even permanently and make Tyrol your new home? You do not know which legal requirements have to be fulfilled in order to live and work in Tyrol?

You would like to take this step with your family and are wondering how your partner can also gain a professional foothold in Tyrol? You have children and would like to clarify which childcare options or schools are available? You are looking for a home for your family and do not know which residential areas are suitable and what costs you can expect? You have already arrived in Tyrol and would like to put down deeper roots here and come into contact with locals and with people who are in a similar situation to you?

Then we will be happy to help you! The Welcome Service Tirol is a service organization for qualified professionals and scientists who come to Tyrol to work in a Tyrolean company or at a Tyrolean university.

Our offer to you:

  • Consulting services for your first steps in Tyrol on the following topics:
    - Residence issues
    - Arrival and relocation
    - Housing search
    - Dual Career Service for life partners
    - Childcare
    - Living in Tyrol
  • Referral to relevant partners, institutions or contact people
  • Networking with the international and regional community already resident in Tyrol

Advantages of getting support from the Welcome Service Tirol:

  • You will find your way around your new home more quickly
  • You have a reliable partner by your side during a time of great change for you and your family.
  • Our professional advice will save you time and money.
  • You will be supported in administrative procedures.
  • You will be directed to the right contact points.
  • By saving time, you can focus on your new job and arrival in your new home and be available to support your family during these times of change.

For citizens of other EU/EEA countries and Switzerland, thanks to the principle of the free movement of persons, entering and establishing residence...

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Learning German

Learning the local language is an important step for settling down in a new location and feeling at home there.

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Life in the Tyrol

The first steps are always the hardest - especially in the case of a new place to live.

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