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Renting and buying

Price situation 

Tyrol, and especially Innsbruck – with the districts of Innsbruck City and Innsbruck Land – and Kitzbühel are among the most expensive residential areas in Austria. There are several reasons for this: the high level of demand due to the excellent quality of life and investment security in the region, the limited availability of land for housing development due to the topography of the Tyrol, which hampers expansion not only in Innsbruck, and also the extremely large number of students in Innsbruck (almost a quarter of the city’s total population).

Smaller apartments are usually more expensive per square meter than larger apartments. The main factors in rent calculations include the location and condition of the apartment. Further details on the rental prices in Innsbruck can be found, for example, on the website Portal Immopreise published by the daily newspaper Der Standard or in the report Immobilienmarktbericht.

It is not possible to give a general figure for the maximum price of a property in Innsbruck. An overview of prices in the individual city districts is provided, for example, by the report Immobilienmarktbericht.

Legal aspects of renting and buying

The acquisition of property is a complex legal transaction and may also be subject to restrictions relating to the nationality of the buyer! If you are planning to purchase a property, we recommend that you seek legal advice in good time. A list of lawyers in Tyrol, indicating their areas of expertise and languages spoken is available from the Tiroler Rechtsanwaltskammer (only in German). If you need assistance in finding legal advice please do not hesitate to contact Welcome Service Tirol!

Likewise, Austrian tenancy law is a complicated and dynamic subject and also other legal issues may be relevant when someone wants to rent an apartment in Tyrol (e.g. regulations against illegal recreational residences - "illegale Freizeitwohnsitze" - in Tyrol). A list of lawyers indicating their areas of expertise and languages spoken is available from the Tiroler Rechtsanwaltskammer.

Associations and public institutions

Lawyers and notaries are the professionals to turn to for comprehensive, individual legal advice. In addition, there are also associations and public institutions that offer various counseling services, such as:

Please, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you find advice!