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Residential areas in Innsbruck and the Tyrol

Working in Innsbruck

If your future workplace is in Innsbruck, the districts of Innsbruck City and Innsbruck Land are ideal places to live. The districts of Imst and Landeck to the west of Innsbruck and Schwaz and Kufstein to the east are suitable for commuting, as the Inn Valley in particular is well served by rail (ÖBB), the regional bus network (VVT) and the motorway.

Innsbruck City (Innsbruck Stadt)

Innsbruck’s residential quarters are located on the flats of the Inn Valley and on the adjoining slopes to the north and south. The River Inn passes through Innsbruck in the shape of an arch and offers good orientation. The oldest residential areas, namely the districts of Altstadt (Old Town), Mariahilf and St. Nikolaus are located on either side of the central Innbrücke (Inn Bridge) by the Ottoburg.

The districts of Hötting, Hungerburg and Mühlau occupy the lower northern slopes and are among the city’s most popular and also most expensive residential areas. Wilten (south of the Inn to the foot of the slopes) is a combination of old-established and student district. The suburb of Pradl, to the east of the city centre and Rapoldi Park, has fine old villas, apartment blocks as well as low-rise apartments from the post-war period. Also to the east of the city centre is the district of Saggen, which is divided into “Villensaggen”, with impressive villas set in gardens or even small parks, and “Blocksaggen”, with elegant tenements dating from the turn of the century. Along with Hötting, Mühlau and the Hungerburg, Saggen is the most expensive part of Innsbruck.

Further to the east in the direction of Hall and to the west in the direction of the airport lie the newer districts. In Reichenau and Olympisches Dorf on the eastern side of the city, apartment blocks and high-rise buildings predominate, many of which offer apartments at rather moderate prices. In these two districts, there has been a lot of building in the recent decades, with a focus on modern urban development combined with ample green spaces. Between the city centre and the airport in the west lies the area of Höttinger Au, a large mixed urban area with mainly low-rise buildings. In the direction of the airport, small apartment blocks have been built, especially in recent years, which are located in the upper price segment. However, there are also post-war housing estates and a few high-rise buildings with moderate rents and mixed commercial areas in the district.

In all areas of Innsbruck, the municipal authorities have invested generously in green spaces, park redevelopment and playgrounds/sports facilities. General information about Innsbruck is available here; an interactive city map is an aid to orientation.

Innsbruck Land

Several popular residential communities around Innsbruck are located in the district of Innsbruck Land. The entire Inn Valley from Telfs, Zirl and Kematen in the west of Innsbruck to Wattens, Mils and Hall in the east is an attractive and easily accessible residential area.

The communities of the Wipp Valley (Wipptal) and the Stubai Valley (Stubaitail) south of Innsbruck are also ideal places to live. The foothills on the southern slopes of the Inn Valley are the location of several popular and correspondingly expensive residential areas, namely Axams, Birgitz, Götzens, Mutters and Natters to the west and Lans, Aldrans and Sistrans to the south and east. There are also attractive residential communities at slightly higher altitudes on the Mieminger Plateau (west of Telfs) and in the “Martha” villages on the northern slopes of the Inn Valley between Innsbruck and Hall, i.e. Mühlau, Arzl, Rum, Thaur, Hall and Absam, and also in the Gnadenwald area.

Which place of residence is considered sufficiently accessible by people working in Innsbruck is, of course, always a matter of opinion.


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