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For access to the Austrian labor market, there are a number of things to consider and clarify in advance.

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Working in Tyrol

If an international skilled worker or highly qualified person wants to come to Tyrol to work for a Tyrolean employer, it is important to follow the correct formal-legal path. The same applies, of course, to accompanying family members.

For immigration of nationals of EU states, EEA states or Switzerland, see our website „Entry EU/EEA/Switzerland“.

If a skilled worker or highly qualified person from a third country wants to immigrate in the long term and live and work in Austria, he/she should apply for a residence permit ("Aufenthaltstitel") that allows this. Often the "Red-White-Red Card" is the right choice.

Four different Red-White-Red Cards are available for third-country nationals who have a job offer from a company in Austria:

  • Red-White-Red Card for Very Highly Qualified Workers
  • Red-White-Red Card for Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations
  • Red-White-Red Card for Other Key Workers
  • Red-White-Red Card for Graduates

The Red-White-Red Card is valid for up to two years. However, if the requirements are met, it is possible to obtain further residence permits up to an unlimited stay.

Apart from the "Red-White-Red Card", there are other residence permits that are suitable for the long term stay of third-country nationals Examples of these are the „Red-White-Red Card Plus“, the „EU Blue Card“, the residence permit "Family Member" or "Long-Term Resident EU" permit.

For temporary stays for specific purposes it is possible to obtain a stay permit („Aufenthaltsbewilligung“).

Further information on this topic can also be found at Work in Austria/Austrian Business Agency (ABA).

The appropriate application form always depends on the individual circumstances. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us. We will be happy to support you free of charge together with our network!