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The Welcome Service Tirol is the first point of contact for Tyrolean companies and universities and their international, highly qualified employees.

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Art & culture

The Tyrol is world-famous as a destination for alpine winter and summer sports. But there is much more to the Tyrol than that!

In addition to a dynamic business environment and several prestigious universities and colleges, the Tyrol also scores with a diverse and top-quality cultural offering ranging from art, theatre and dance to traditional folk events and musical highlights for every taste.

For reasons of space, the following overview of amenities in the fields of art, culture and education is focused on Innsbruck. But in the eight other districts of the Tyrol, there is also a wide range of cultural activities on offer, which are well worth exploring. We would be pleased to inform you about events in the field of art and culture at your (future) place of residence or work in the Tyrol!

In the Tyrol there are 15 official holidays. Many of them are marked by traditional festivities, which are often celebrated in public places and feature parades.

From Carnival and Easter to harvest festivals and the customs of the Christmas season - there is probably no better way to get to know the colourful culture of the Tyrol.

An overview of the main traditional festivals in the Tyrol can be found here.

The University and State Library of Tyrol (ULB) is the largest academic library in western Austria. It is open not only to all members of the universities but also to the public. In addition to the main library in Innsbruck, there are seven other specialist libraries. An overview of the libraries and their locations and can be found here.

The Stadtbibliothek is a modern, well equipped and user-friendly public library with plenty of (quiet) space for book lovers of all ages.

There is also an excellent library at the Arbeiterkammer (AK) in Innsbruck, where all people who live in Tyrol can choose from a wide range of media and e-media free of charge.

Most of the other municipalities in Tyrol also have their own local libraries.

There are numerous museums and galleries throughout the region dedicated to the art and culture of Tyrol and to international artists. From indoor galleries to outdoor museums and castles, with their permanent and temporary exhibitions covering the past and the present, everyone finds what they prefer. 

Once a year, the Long Night of the Museums is held, when museums, galleries and art institutions throughout Austria can be visited with just one ticket.


The Tyrol’s theatres – each with its own style and charm – offer a varied programme covering every genre, from drama and opera to dance at an international level. An overview of all Tyrolean theatres and their programmes is provided by Theater Verband Tirol. A guide to the most prominent theatres in the Tyrol can be found here.


Innsbruck’s four cinemas offer a varied programme. The cinemas Metropol and Cineplexx show all the latest mainstream films. The two connected art-house cinemas Leokino and Cinematograph offer a full programme of independent international and multilingual films, and organise film festivals on various themes plus a four-week open-air cinema on the big screen every summer in Innsbruck’s Zeughaus - for many people in Innsbruck a fixed item on the summer calendar.

Early, classical and contemporary music

Lovers of early, classical and contemporary music are well catered for in Innsbruck with a full and varied programme of concerts, opera and ballet, and a wide choice of venues: Landestheater, Haus der Musik, Congress Innsbruck, Landeskonservatorium, Haus Vierundeinzig, numerous churches and countless other locations in and outside of Innsbruck. A detailed overview by the genres Orchestra & Chamber Music, Choir Music, Organ Music and Musical Theatre can be found here.

For keen dancers and those who would like to become one, a wide choice of dancing classes is available, including standard dance, hip hop, jazz dance, swing and tango. Many of the dance schools also organise public dances, where everyone is welcome.


The Tyrol also hosts themed festivals where you can enjoy top-class performances ranging from jazzy tunes at the New Orleans Festival and Outreach Festival to classical music at the Festival of Early Music and the Promenade Concerts - in many cases under a starry sky. In autumn, the concerts of Klangspuren Schwaz and Obertöne at Stift Stams are a tonic against the mists of autumn. In winter, there are regular concerts at Christmas markets, while spring is heralded by the Easter Festival in Hall.

Folk music and wind bands

Folk music and wind bands are a living tradition in the Tyrol, which is kept very much alive by over 300 wind bands and countless folk music groups. It is not unusual to see musicians in folk costume parading through the towns and villages on Sundays and public holidays. Detailed information about the history of Tyrolean folk music and wind bands and details of all upcoming events, compiled by the Tiroler Volksmusikverein, can be found here.

Events & activities in the city: from e-music to restaurant ratings

Current events in Innsbruck and the Tyrol are listed on events.tt.com, on the website of Tiroler Kulturinitiativen, in many newspapers and magazines, on social media channels and on the Innsbruck Calendar of Events, etc. 6020 Stadtmagazin also has a “What’s on” section for Innsbruck as well as information on new and established restaurants.

In addition to major events such as trade fairs and sports events, Congress Innsbruck, Messe Innsbruck and Olympiahalle serve as venues for a variety of concerts, including rock, pop, jazz and e-music. Concerts, cabaret and cultural events of all kinds are also held in Innsbruck at the Treibhaus, Kultur-Bäckerei and Plattform mobile Kulturinitiativen pmk, at Kulturlabor Stromboli in Hall, at the Eremitage in Schwaz, and at many other smaller venues.

Learning a musical instrument

For all those who like to play music themselves or would like to learn a musical instrument, district music schools offer tuition in practice and theory, especially for children and young people. The biggest range of courses is available at the Innsbruck Music School.